We'll adapt to your needs

From teaching you the latest gene editing and tissue culture techniques to simply letting you use our tissue culture hoods, PTRC services will adapt to your needs to arrive at that one special plant.

Learn From Us

Students, professors on sabbaticals, entrepreneurs, etc. can all learn how to apply leading-edge technologies in transformation and molecular analyses of both monocot and dicot plant species via our:

  • One-on-one training program
  • Group workshops
  • Academic or industrial consultations

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Start With Us

You'll be off to a great start when you let us take on the initial stages of the transformation process including different methods of DNA transfer into desired plant species, e.g., via Agrobacterium, biolistics, electroporation, and vacuum infiltration.

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Work With Us

Use our centralized facility, state of the art equipment, and materials alongside us.

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The Plants We Use for the Production of Gene-Edited or Transgenic Plants

The PTRC currently offers Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of:

Plant Species ? Cultivar Selection System
Kanamycin Hygromycin BASTA
Arabidopsis A. thaliana COL-0 ? ? ?
Lettuce Lactuca sativa Conquistador ?    
Poplar Populus tremula × P. alba INRA 717-1B4 ?    
Canola Brassica napus   ?    
Citrus Citrus x aurantium Carrizo ?    
Medicago M. sativa Regen SY (Alfalfa) ?    
M. truncatula Jemalong A17 ?    
Potato Solanum tuberosum Andigena ?    
Blue potato ?    
Desiree ?    
Russet Burbank ?    
Rice Oryza sativa Kitaake   ?  
Nipponbare   ?  
Tobacco Nicotania benthamiana   ?    
Nicotania xanthi   ?    
Tomato Solanum lycopersicum Microtom ?    
UC Davis 82b ?    
Money maker ?    
Gene-to-seed Contracts

We'll carry out your plant transformation and tissue culture contract from your first gene of interest all the way to viable seeds.

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Other Services
  • Gene cloning in binary vector
  • Southern blots
  • Northern blots
  • Western blots
  • In vitro tissue culture propagation

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