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Plant Transformation Research Center

Rates for Plant Transformation Services

Current Hourly Rates for Plant Transformation Services


Internal Rates for UCR Customers


    External Rates for Educational Institutions


External Rates for Commercial Entities 

        $98.23  per hour


$166.57 per hour




includes F&A @ 7.00%


includes F&A @ 45.00%






Please contact the BPS Administrative Office at 951/827-3825 to confirm rates


Rates for Other Services- for UCR customers only



Arabidopsis Growth Room




per sq. ft./month

Cool Greenhouse




per sq. ft./month

Warm Greenhouse




per sq. ft./month

Tissue Culture Room




per 14" x 48" shelf




Biolistic particle gun




per hour





per hour

Luciferase detection system




per hour

Microscopes (GFP)




per hour

Nanodrop 2000c




per hour

My iQ2 RT PCR detection system




per hour


Registration Fee (see note below)


Alternative to paying for space and equipment separately




registration fee/person/quarter


Research & Training Services




per hour


Please note:  Registration fee will allow access and use of the PTRC as follows-

space in the tissue culture rooms (max. 5 shelves/quarter), space in the Arabidopsis growth

room (max. 1 shelf/quarter), space in the cool/warm greenhouses (max. 50 sq. ft./quarter),

and use of the microscopes (max. 40 hours/quarter).

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