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BL-2 greenhouses and Arabidopsis growth rooms regulations

The regulations presented below are enforced for the benefit of the users. Strictly following these helps us to run the greenhouses and growth rooms efficiently. It is important to use the growth rooms and greenhouses in a correct manner in order to minimize the risk of introducing insect pests, pathogens, rodents, flooding and/or any other problem.

First Time Users

For our records and planning, we require a brief description of your project, and the BAU authorization for your transgenic plants. This information will help us to facilitate your work through our professional advice and planning, and also to maintain the greenhouses and the growth rooms. Since many people use the facilities often, users need to handle them in a diligent manner.

General guidelines
  • Make sure to have the BAU number for your transgenic plants and the appropriate training to use BL-2 greenhouses before you move the plants here. The BAU number and the training are mandatory in order to follow all the safety guidelines. Training is quick and easy to follow.
  • Make sure to reserve an appointment for your training at least a week in advance.
  • Inform the PTRC staff every time before introducing new plant material.
  • Do not bring plants into PTRC facility directly from other greenhouses or from the field.
  • Do not come into the PTRC facility without showering and changing clothes and shoes, if you are coming from the field.
  • Always use autoclaved soil, treated with marathon (Arabidopsis).
  • Preferably sterilize the seeds to grow your plants.
  • Ask for training on how to use or set up the automatic watering systems.
  • Place the hose back to its proper position; make sure to turn off the water and release the pressure from the hose.
  • Make sure the doors are closed all the time.
  • Take care of your plant material, for example pruning, grooming, thinning, and pollination bagging etc.
  • Make sure to clean up after your use and leave the place as you found it.
  • Make sure to autoclave and discard all the transgenic material.
  • Make sure to unload the autoclaves as soon as the cycle ends. Make sure to clean up after your use and leave the workplace as you found it.
  • Inform PTRC in advance that your project is done, and return the keys.

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