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Tomato Transformation

Activities to produce 10 transgenic events

1) pDNA checked by genomic PCR 2)Agrobacterium transformation by electroporation
3) Colony PCR and electrophoresis
4) Media preparation
5) Explants preparation
6) Tissue tranformation
7) In vitro tissue subcultures
8) DNA extraction
9) Genomic PCR
10)Transfer to soil
11) Collect seeds

Blue Potato Transformation

Blue potato transformation

A) Internodes explants inoculated with Agrobacterium
B) Explants growing on callus induction selection medium
C - D) Tissue differentiation
E) Shoot regeneration
F) Plantlets on rooting medium

Tobacco Tranformation via Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Tobacco tranformation via Agrobacterium tumefaciens

A) Non-transgenic seeds (control)
B) Transgenic seeds germinated on Kanamycin selection medium

Rice Transformation

Rice transformation via Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Citrus Transformation

Citrus transformation via Agrobacterium tumefaciens

1) Seeds Germination, 2) Explants inoculated with Agrobacterium, 3) Shoots growing on K50 selection medium, 4) GUS expression, 5) Shoots in rooting K50 selective medium

Arabidopsis thaliana

Arabidopsis thaliana - Floral dip transformation

A) Transgenic Arabidopsis plants resistance to basta herbicide
B) Independent events growing on soil

Molecular and Biochemical Analysis of transgenic plants

Molecular and biochemical analysis of transgenic plants

1) DNA blot analysis for opy number
2) Genomic DNA - end PCR
3) RNA blot analysis for gene expression
4) GUS expression
5) GFP expression

Plasmid Restriction Analysis

Plasmid restriction analysis - Agrobacterium Maxipreps

1) Undigested plasmid
2) Agro Maxiprep EcoRI digest
3) Plasmid control EcoRI digest
4) Agro Maxiprep Fspl digest
5) Plasmid control Fspl digest

Macadamia in vitro Propagation

Macadamia in vitro propagation

A) Tissue sterilization
B - D) Explant dissection
E) Shoot elongation
F) Root induction
G) Shoots propagation

Annona muricata

Annona muricata regeneration

A,B) Fruit Seeds sterilization
C) Seeds germination
D) Elongated hypocotyl
E) Internodes explants
F) Explants Callus induction medium
H) Shoot proliferation
I) Shoots in rooting media
J) Plantlets growing on soil

Citrus Nucellar

Citrus nucellar - Tissue somatic embryogenesis

A) Initiation
B) Embryogenesis
C) Embryo development
D) Plantlets

Citrus Micropropagation

Citrus micropropagation

A) Initiation
B) Multiplication
C) Elongation
D) Rooting
E) Acclimatization

uncaria tomentosa

Induction of hairy root cultures of Uncaria tomentosa via A. rhizogenes

A) Sterile plantlet growing on solid MS medium
B) Stem-cuttings used for micropropagation and plant transformation
C) Root cultures established on liquid MS medium
D) Growth of hairy roots in leaf segments inoculated with A. rhizogenes
E) Induction of hairy roots in stem cuttings after inoculation with A. rhizogenes

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