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Plant Transformation Research Center


  • In vitro plant tissue culture

    Certain species that have been reported to be recalcitrant to plant regeneration are now routinely propagated at PTRC. Many protocols have been established for the micro-propagation of many species such as, Macadamia, LoliumVerbena, Citrus, Succulents and different ornamental species.

  • Plant transformation and molecular biology

    For the past ten years, PTRC has made significant progress in offering specialized services for producing transgenic events of different species. Over 30,000 transgenic lines of Arabidopsis, tobacco, tomato, potato, canola, rice, poplar, and citrus have been generated expressing one or more than one gene. PTRC has been successful in using cutting edge technologies for gene cloning, transformation, and analysis of gene expression in transgenic plants.

  • Grants

    PTRC has been successful at recruiting extramural funding from different private and governmental institutions for research, training of students, and the acquisition of new equipment. 

  • Training

    UCR students, staff, faculty, and international visiting scholars have been trained in methods for bacterial and plant transformation, molecular biology and imaging techniques for the detection of foreign genes, particle bombardment, and the establishment and growth of transgenic plants in biosafety level 2 (BL-2) greenhouses. The experience gained from working in the laboratory has helped visiting scholars and UCR students in their future career endeavors, and facilitate the transition from academics to the industry.  

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